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Finding a new date night restaurant

We have a busy life as a married couple, but we still like to have a regular date night once a week. Our favourite restaurant is shutting down, so we are on the hunt for a new date night restaurant. We like to try new and different foods but are pretty flexible as to what type of foods the restaurant serves. We also love great service and it's nice to find a restaurant that treats us as special customers whenever we come in. This blog is all about our search for the perfect date night restaurant and has reviews of some of our favourite new finds.


Drinks That Complement the Taste of Pizza

If you are looking forward to heading out to your local Italian pizza restaurant, you may be wondering which drinks go well with this classic Italian dish. Read on to find out which types of liquid refreshment work well with pizza. 

Red wine

When it comes to finding a drink that can complement the complex taste sensations created by a pizza, red wine is a great choice. Italian wines such as Chianti go hand-in-hand with any type of pizza topping. Because Chianti is light-bodied, it is easy to drink while its fruity taste will not overpower the flavour of your pizza. A glass (or bottle!) of the French red wine Beaujolais Villages also goes down very well with a slice of your favourite pizza. Beaujolais Villages is medium-bodied and has a fresh and fruity kick to it, which matches well with most pizza dishes. If you are worried that drinking wine will overpower what is on your plate, you may wish to opt for a jug of Sangria. Sangria is made by mixing red wine, fresh fruit and triple sec. The drink is served with ice which makes it extra refreshing alongside a nice pizza.


If wine isn't your thing, you may wish to take a look at the cocktail menu. The right cocktail will have a punch which will enhance the taste of your food. A Coconut Mango Mai Tai is a great choice when dining at a pizza restaurant. This cocktail is made using a blend of vodka, coconut rum and mango juice topped off with a drop of grenadine. Its fruity flavour can help to take your dining experience to a whole other level. If you fancy something with a bit more of a kick to it, you could opt for a Hot Screw. The Hot Screw is a twist on the traditional vodka orange which is made using Jalapeño Vodka and orange juice. The spicy flavour of the Jalapeño really works well with pepperoni pizzas.

Beer and Ale

In Italy pizza is traditionally enjoyed with a cold glass of beer. If you want to go down this route, you should opt for Ichnusa, a Sardinian larger which offers cool, crisp notes and a refreshing fizz. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for an Indian Pale Ale as its citrusy flavours really go well with a pizza dish.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact your nearest Italian restaurant.