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Finding a new date night restaurant

We have a busy life as a married couple, but we still like to have a regular date night once a week. Our favourite restaurant is shutting down, so we are on the hunt for a new date night restaurant. We like to try new and different foods but are pretty flexible as to what type of foods the restaurant serves. We also love great service and it's nice to find a restaurant that treats us as special customers whenever we come in. This blog is all about our search for the perfect date night restaurant and has reviews of some of our favourite new finds.


5 Scallop Dishes You Have To Try

With a meaty yet delicate texture, creamy scallops are a real treat. Scallop and corn chowder is a classic dish that's commonly found on the menu at a seafood restaurant, but it's also found on the menu of other types of restaurant. When you visit a seafood restaurant, give the chowder a pass and try a new scallop dish. Here's an overview of five scallop dishes that aren't to be missed:

Scallop And Bacon Skillet

The saltiness of crispy, pan-fried bacon complements succulent sea scallops tossed with garden vegetables and fresh herbs. Red bell peppers, tomatoes and basil round off this skillet dish that's perfect with fresh crusty bread to soak up the juices. A scallop and bacon skillet is ideal as a lunch dish and pairs well with a crisp sauvignon blanc.

Citrus Scallop Kebabs With Fresh Salsa

This dish combines tender scallops with an orange glaze that lifts the natural flavour of the scallops rather than overpowering them. The scallops are grilled on wooden skewers and served with a side of salsa made with juicy garden tomatoes and fresh coriander. Enjoy this dish with an orzo salad or a side of new potatoes tossed in salted butter.

Scallop Crudo

Crudo is an Italian method of preparing seafood that's a cross between sashimi and ceviche. The scallops are sliced thinly and dressed with lemon or lime juice. They are served straight after being dressed, so they aren't cured in the citrus juice in the way they would be when used in ceviche. The citrus juice turns the scallops slightly white, and they are so soft they almost melt in the mouth. Meyer lemons are often used for this dish as they are less acidic than other varieties and have a natural sweetness. Enjoy scallop crudo with peppery rocket leaves and a fruity pinot grigio.

Scallop And Avocado Tostadas

This dish combines creamy avocado with pan seared scallops dusted with paprika. Served on crispy tortillas and garnished with lime juice and micro greens, scallop and avocado tostadas make a deliciously fresh starter or light lunch. If you're ordering a few dishes to share, these tostadas are a must as they can be picked up and eaten like canapes.

Coconut Curry Scallops

Perfect comfort food on a cold evening, this creamy dish is mildly spiced with red curry paste and fresh ginger. The scallops are gently cooked in coconut milk that's flavoured with pungent Thai basil and citrusy coriander. Enjoy this hearty dish with steamed spinach and brown rice.

These are just a few examples of the delicious scallop dishes that are available from good quality seafood restaurants. So next time you visit a seafood restaurant, make the most of the vast choice of scallop dishes on offer and try something new.