Finding a new date night restaurantFinding a new date night restaurant

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Finding a new date night restaurant

We have a busy life as a married couple, but we still like to have a regular date night once a week. Our favourite restaurant is shutting down, so we are on the hunt for a new date night restaurant. We like to try new and different foods but are pretty flexible as to what type of foods the restaurant serves. We also love great service and it's nice to find a restaurant that treats us as special customers whenever we come in. This blog is all about our search for the perfect date night restaurant and has reviews of some of our favourite new finds.


Get Out of Your Indian Food Rut by Having a Different Bread on the Side

You could argue that Indian food is one of the most exciting cuisines around, with a huge selection of interesting flavours packed into every dish, from the subtle and mild to the hot, highly spiced curries. Despite how much Indian food has to offer, however, it's a sad fact that many people stick to the same couple of dishes they know they enjoy each time they eat it. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you like, of course, but it's a shame to miss out on what could be your new favourite food. Read More 

Choosing healthy food options from Chinese restaurants

Many of the items that you will find on the Chinese food menu are either high in sodium or fat. It is one of the reasons people try to minimise the number of times that they order Chinese takeout in a week. However, if you are a serious fan of the cuisine, you do not have to limit the number of times that you eat the food. Instead, you can learn how to pick healthier options from the menu. Read More